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Why Wheels America races cars
Wheels America was founded in 1994, and has been extensively involved in ongoing research and development in the wheel repair industry. Auto racing is the most intense and harsh environment that a wheel will endure, and we feel that subjecting our product to such activity enhances our knowledge and product.

What we race
Wheels America has been involved in many forms of motor sports over the years. Drag Racing, Oval Racing, and Road Racing are the primary forms of motor sports we are involved in. Our primary focus has been wheel to wheel road racing. Our wheels have been on numerous amateur and professional road race cars. Our involvement in racing dates back to 1994, making us more experienced in this field than any of our competitors. We have remanufactured wheels for top ALMS and SCCA road race teams.

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Wheel Manufacturing
For a period in the mid 2000’s, Wheels America was extensively involved in manufacturing three piece modular race wheels. We designed, engineered, and tested three piece wheels. Doing so gave us invaluable insight into wheel design stresses, and causes of wheel fatigue and failure. By using in car competition G force data, we were able to determine the specific stresses on each wheel on a race course, and then designed wheels to withstand such forces, yet still be very lightweight and durable. The wheels we manufactured were used on a SCCA Touring car exclusively for three race seasons, and such extensive testing proved our designs and engineering. Subsequent repairs to the wheels have also helped prove the integrity of the wheel repair process.

Specific Processes Tested and Developed from Racing
Wheel widening and narrowing have been extensively drag race and road race tested. This process was developed due to demand from drag racers to have stock appearing wheels that were wider than stock. Our process enhances integrity in the wheel and provides for a very strong, sound wheel.

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Various coatings
Over the years, various colors and coatings have been used. Road race wheel typically see very high operational temperatures from heat generated by the brake rotors, hubs, and pads. As such, we do not recommend powder coating for wheels that are used in these applications, as operating temperatures at the track are often high enough to cause a permanent discoloration of powder.

Three piece wheels
Much has been learned about three piece wheel sealing and technology over the years. Our processes have evolved and enabled us to repair and seal three piece wheels in the most demanding environments.

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